Pinoy TV industry For Filipinos


There was a time when theaters and puppet shows were the only source of entertainment for the masses all around the globe. Then inspiring from theater cinema grew in such a way that it took over all the place and left people bind in their spell. The impact was huge! A huge screen with lots of beauty and story made the audience feel like that it’s all is a fantasy and this is the best time of their lives because they completely forgot their lives while watching the cinema. And then here comes the era of TV where everyone was attracted like it is the best thing they can have n their lives and if we closely see then it may be not so much wrong because it’s like now you are having your own personal cinema now you can watch it whenever you want. When you come home after a long tiring day just press a button and now you can entertain yourself in no time. Pinoy TV is one of those local TV stations where people completely forget their problems in no time and can feel that there is at least someone who is showing what you really want to see and what you really are from the inside. Pinoy tambayan, Pinoy ako, Lambingan are the growing web sites that are giving the world a chance to have a glimpse what really Filipinos are and what they are doing in this industry. You just need an internet connection and then you may see the culture of Filipino in no time. Not only people of other countries but overseas Filipinos or even the local one who missed an episode of her/his favorite TV shows and can enjoy all the entertainment by sitting on couch.

Pinoy channels really show what exactly the Filipino culture, traditions, values, norms and people are. How they live their lives and what they really want to see they keep an eye on everything and now the best part! Now the whole world can see what Filipinos are really producing in their TV industry. Yes! They provide such amazing web sites where you can find whatever you want see from Filipinos industry!

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